Baby Trouble

Betty is talking to her husband Dan. (B=Betty; D=Dan)
B : Don't you think it's time that we had a baby?
D : We're much better off without children. Think of all the trouble raising them.
B : But it's only natural that married couples have babies.
D : I don't want any brats who'll run around the house breaking things.
B : Then I'll have a baby by myself.
D : Don't be ridiculous. That's not possible.
B : Yes, it is. I can adopt or go to the sperm bank or...
D : Stop! Are you crazy? I forbid it.
B : Then, can we have a baby together?
D : OK. You win.

丹 :我们没有小孩会过得比较好。想想养育小孩有多麻烦。
丹 :我不想要有小鬼在屋里乱跑弄坏东西。
丹 :别丢人啦!那是不可能的。
贝蒂:当然可能。我可以收养或者到精子银行, 或者……
丹 :不要再说了!你疯了吗?我不准你这么做。
贝蒂:那么, 我们可以一起生个小孩吗?
丹 :好吧, 你赢了。