Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November, is one of the biggest American holidays. This holiday started in the early 1600's after settlers arrived in America. These people who came from Europe didn't know how to survive in the wild new country. Luckily, they met some friendly American Indians, who showed them how to hunt turkeys and grow corn. In the fall, after the harvest, the settlers had a great feast. They invited the Indians to thank them for their help.
  Today the tradition continues. On Thanksgiving Day, Americans invite their friends over for a turkey dinner and give thanks for what they have.

  每年十一月第四个星期四的感恩节是美国最大的节日之一。这个节日是在十七世纪初期殖民者到达美国后开始的。这些来自欧洲的人不知道该如何在这个蛮荒的新国家生存。所幸的是, 他们遇见一些友善的美国印第安人, 这些印第安人教他们如何猎火鸡和种植玉米。在秋收后, 这些殖民者举行了一场盛宴。他们邀请了那些印第安人以感谢他们的帮助。
  如今这项传统仍然持续着。在感恩节这天, 美国人会邀请他们的朋友到家里享用一顿火鸡大餐并感谢他们所拥有的一切。