Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping looks like fun. It makes me nervous just to watch someone do it. It certainly takes a lot of guts to jump one thousand feet above the water with only a rope tied to your legs. It scares me just to think about it. However, it is something I really want to do one day.
  Some people think I'm crazy. They say to jump is foolish enough, but to have to pay for it is madness. I don't agree. For me, to live a short and exciting life is far better than to live a long and boring one. What do you think?

  高空弹跳看起来蛮好玩的。光是看别人做这件事就会让我紧张。双腿只用一条绳索绑着, 从水面上一千呎的高度跳下的确需要很大的胆量。光是想到这点就够让我害怕的了。可是, 这是我总有一天真的想做的事。
  有些人认为我疯了。他们说去跳就已经够蠢了, 而还要付钱则不啻为疯狂的行为。我并不同意。对我来说, 过个短暂而刺激的生活比过漫长却无聊的日子好得多。你认为呢?