Earthquake Survival Tips

Would you know what to do during a really big earthquake? Experts have looked into the matter carefully. It may be worth your while to look over the following tips they have for us.
  If the ground begins shaking while you are driving, pull over and stay in your car. If you are in a building, try to get near a strong wall. The corner of a room or the space under a big doorway is the safest. As soon as the quake is over, check the gas pipe in the building. Gas fires often result from earthquakes. These tips may prove to be lifesavers. We should, therefore, keep them in mind. Remember to always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  如果您在开车时, 地面开始摇晃, 把车开到路边并待在车里面。如果您在建筑物里面, 设法到坚固的墙壁边。房间的角落或大门门框的正下方是最安全的。地震一旦停止, 立刻检查建筑物内的煤气管。煤气造成的火灾通常是由地震引起的。这些小建议或许能救您一命。因此, 我们应该将它们谨记在心。记住要永远抱最大的希望但作最坏的打算。