That's Fashion

Andy and Jess are at a fashion designer's party. (A=Andy; J=Jess)
A : My God, Jess. What's that on Betty's head?
J : Beats me. How weird! I think it's a new kind of hat.
A : Oh, really? If you ask me, it's more like a bird's nest. How stupid it looks!
J : You think so? Hey, wait a minute. You might be right. There's something moving in the nest...I mean, hat.
A : Gee whiz! It's a bird.
J : Holy cow! How does she keep it from flying away?
A : Don't you see? She's got it fastened to a gold chain around her neck.
J : If the bird were strong enough, it could fly her to the moon, so to speak.
A : That would really be funny.
J : Well, that's fashion!

安迪:我的天啊, 洁丝, 贝蒂头上那什么玩意儿啊?
安迪:哦, 是吗?如果你问我的话, 我倒觉得那比较像个鸟巢。那东西看起来好愚蠢喔!
洁丝:你真这么想吗?嘿, 等一下。你可能说得对。那鸟巢里……我是指帽子里有东西在动。
洁丝:如果那只鸟力气够大的话, 它甚至可以带她飞到月球。
洁丝:呃, 那就是时髦嘛!