New Asian Generation

In the past, the children of Asia had very few choices. A son would usually follow in his father's footsteps and do the same kind of job as his father. But now, young people have higher education which opens doors to new kinds of jobs. TV exposes kids to new ideas from other countries.
  So, the younger generation of Asians are doing things their parents never dreamed of. They're investing in stocks or dying their hair purple. Unfortunately, some are also getting into trouble with sex and drugs. Asian parents whose children are doing all this do have a reason to be worried.

  在过去, 生长在亚洲的小孩子没有什么选择可言。做儿子的通常会继承父亲的衣钵并且做和他父亲同样的工作。但是现在, 年轻人受到高等教育, 这也为他们开启了各种新工作的大门。电视使得孩子们接触到来自其它国家的新观念。
  所以, 亚洲年轻一代的人现在在做一些他们父母亲做梦也没想到的事情。他们在做股票投资或把头发染成紫色。不幸的是, 有一些却受到色情和毒品的戕害。亚洲籍的父母若其子女有这样的表现, 则的确有理由会操心的。