A Sense of Security

Some people take the view that sometimes in life we have to take chances in order to make progress. I admire such people. It certainly takes courage to take risks. Maybe it's due to my upbringing, but I am the type who likes to play it safe.
  People like me believe in the saying, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Conservative as it may be, it keeps me out of trouble. I must confess, however, that such a lifestyle may, at times, be boring. Admittedly, my life is not half as colorful or exciting as other people's, but at least it gives me a sense of security.

  有些人认为我们一生中有时候必须冒险以求得进步。我很钦佩这种人。冒险的确需要勇气。或许是因为我所受的教养, 我却是那种行事谨慎以保安全的人。
  像我这种人相信俗话说的:“一鸟在手胜于两鸟在林。”虽然这种想法也许很保守, 但却使我避免惹上麻烦。然而, 我必须承认这种生活方式有时候可能很无聊。不可否认地, 我的生活虽不及别人生活一半的多彩多姿或刺激, 但至少它能带给我安全感。