Going on a Diet

Little Johnny is talking to his mother.
(J=Little Johnny; M=Mother)
J : How come you always make me do things I don't want to?
M : What do you mean?
J : Well, for instance, you always force me to eat steaks, pork chops and chicken, day in and day out.
M : OK. What do you want?
J : All I want is vegetables and fruit from now on.
M : What's wrong with you? Are you sick?
J : No, but I want to go on a diet.
M : Why?
J : Everyone's calling me Fatty at school.
M : Oh...I get it now.

妈  妈:你这话怎么说?
小约翰尼:嗯, 举个例子, 你每天都强迫我吃牛排、猪排和鸡肉。
妈  妈:好吧。那你想吃什么?
妈  妈:你怎么了?你生病了吗?
小约翰尼:没有, 可是我想要节食。
妈  妈:为什么?
妈  妈:哦……现在我懂了。