Restaurant Dos and Don'ts

When you want to eat at a Western restaurant, you should first consider making a reservation. If not, you risk having to wait for a long time for a table.
  When eating, the Japanese and some Chinese are in the habit of slurping their food.By doing so, they show their host how much they like the food. Westerners find eating soup this way most unpleasant. They also consider picking one's teeth and putting on makeup at the table no-nos. And when it comes to tipping, they just leave some money on the table. The amount is up to you, but it's usually 15 to 20 percent of the check.

  当你想到西餐厅用餐时, 你应该考虑先订位。否则你就要冒上苦等桌位的风险。
  用餐时, 日本人和一些中国人有吃东西出声的习惯。这么做是向主人表示他们有多么喜欢那些菜肴。西方人觉得这种喝汤法会令人非常不愉快。他们还认为在餐桌上剔牙和上妆很要不得。而说到给小费, 他们就把一点钱留在餐桌上, 给多少由你自己决定, 但通常都是账单的百分之十五到二十。