A Lifesaving Kiss

Tonya is a beautiful lifeguard. She has just saved Marvin from drowning in the ocean.
(M=Marvin; T=Tonya)
M : I feel a little groggy.
T : That's natural. You nearly drowned a minute ago.
M : You saved my life! You're my savior!
T : Don't get too excited. A minute ago you weren't breathing, and I had to give you CPR.
M : Oh, I wish I could remember that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with such a beautiful woman as you.
T : Take it easy, OK?
M : Oh, wait...I feel faint again.
T : Nice try, buddy, but don't even dream about it.

托尼亚是位美丽的救生员, 她刚刚从海中把险些溺水的马文救起来。
马 文:我觉得有点四肢无力。
马 文:你救了我一命!你是我的救命恩人!
托尼亚:别太激动!刚才你的呼吸停了, 因此我非得给你做心肺复苏术不可。
马 文:哦, 我希望我能记得像你这样的美女曾给我做的口对口人工呼吸。
托尼亚:你冷静点, 好吗?
马 文:哦, 等等……我觉得我又快昏倒了。
托尼亚:装得好像, 老兄, 但是你想都别想。