Life after Death

A 34-year-old married man who died recently had no children. When he died, his wife was not pregnant, either. But now that he's dead, he has a chance of becoming a father. How's that possible?
  After a man dies, his sperm remains alive for some time. In this case, the woman asked doctors to remove the sperm from her husband's body and store it in a sperm bank. Now, she can have the baby that she has wanted for a long time. She says it's as if her husband would come back to life again when the child is born. If that is so, wouldn't that make her husband her son?

  一位三十四岁的已婚男子最近死了, 他没有子女。他死的时候, 太太也没有怀孕。但如今他虽然死了, 他却有机会做爸爸。那怎么可能呢?
  当一个男人死了以后, 他的精子仍可存活一段时间。在这种情形下, 那位妇人要求医生从她丈夫体内取出精子并将精子存在精子银行。现在, 她可以怀有她长久以来盼望的小孩。她说当孩子出生时, 就好像她先生又活过来一样。如果真是那样的话, 那她先生不就变成她儿子了吗?