Quit Cold Turkey

Jane is talking to her boyfriend.
(J=Jane; B=boyfriend)
J : You promised me that you were going to give up smoking. What's that in your hand?
B : I'm sorry. I really want to except that every time I get nervous, I can't help smoking.
J : That's just an excuse.
B : No. It's true. I've tried everything: chewing gum, biting my fingernails and even meditation, but nothing works.
J : Well, if you want to be with me, you'll just have to quit cold turkey.
B : That will work!

男友:对不起。我真的想要戒烟, 但我每次紧张时就忍不住要抽烟。
男友:不是, 是真的。我试过各种方法:嚼口香糖、咬手指甲、甚至打坐, 可是都没效。
珍:呃, 你如果想和我在一起, 就得断然戒烟。