A Computer Car

You are in a strange city. It's late at night and you're tired. But you can't find your hotel. You sigh a deep sigh. It seems like you are dreaming a terrible dream. What is happening?
  This situation often happens to people who travel by car. But it may become a thing of the past. New auto computers are being designed to tell you how to reach your destination. A small screen in your car displays a map of the city and shows you where you are. Just give the computer the name of your hotel. You'll see it on the map. To top it off, a voice will give you directions while you drive. With a car like this, what else would you expect?

  你身在一个陌生的城市里。天色已晚而且你也累了, 但是你却找不到你订的旅馆。你深深地叹了一口气, 仿佛你是在作恶梦一般。这到底是怎么一回事?
  这种情况经常发生在开车旅行的人身上, 但这种事可能会成为过去。新的汽车计算机就是设计来告诉你如何抵达你的目的地。你车上的小荧幕会显示出该城市的地图并且指出你所在的位置。只要将你要去的旅馆名称输入计算机, 你就能在地图上看到。最棒的是, 你开车时会有声音为你指路。有一辆像这样的车子, 你还奢望什么?