Power without Pollution

Pollution is a big problem in almost all the big cities of the world. City people are, therefore, becoming more and more worried about how they can get rid of pollution. They are also concerned about whether the government is doing enough to protect the environment.
  However, people in Ireland don't have these worries. They are sure that they have found the answer to the problem. They use windmills. These windmills can create power without creating pollution. This method is so successful that other countries are thinking of doing the same. Why not? What works for Ireland can work for any other country.

  污染几乎是全世界各大城市的一大问题。因此, 居住在城市的人对他们如何能消除污染也愈来愈担心。他们也很关心政府对环境保护是否尽心。
  然而, 住在爱尔兰的人就没有这些忧虑。他们确信他们已经找到了解决问题的办法:他们使用风车。这些风车能够产生能源而不制造污染。这个方法那么成功, 因此其它国家纷纷想要效法。这有何不可呢?在爱尔兰行得通, 那么在其它国家也可以行得通。