Don't Rely on Luck

Passing exams is every student's dream. Failing them is their nightmare. So, to realize their dreams, many students try anything. They even go to fortunetellers, buy lucky charms and follow old customs.
  In Korea, many students bury something personal in the university they want to enter. They believe that these things will act as magnets and "pull" them into the university. Whether it works or not, nobody really knows.At least it does ease the students' minds about passing exams. Remember, though, you can't always rely on luck. There is no substitute for hard work.

  考试考及格是每个学生的梦想;考不及格则是他们的梦魇。因此, 许多学生为了实现他们的梦想, 会去尝试各种方法。他们甚至会去找算命先生、买幸运符并遵循古老的风俗。
  在韩国, 有很多学生会把自己的一些私人物品埋在想要就读的那所大学的地下。他们相信这些东西会像磁铁一样, 把他们“吸”进那所大学。它是不是真的有效, 没有人真正知道。至少可以使学生想到通过考试时, 心情能够舒缓下来。不过要记住, 你不能永远靠运气过日子。努力可是无法取代的。