Tough Guys Do Dance

Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is also bloody. Yet it involves the arts of dance and music. It is both ugly and beautiful at the same time. That's why it's so exciting to watch.
  Thai boxing was created by soldiers over five hundred years ago. The fighters use every part of their bodies, especially their feet, knees and elbows to strike their opponents. Their deadly style has earned them respect from other martial artists.
  Surprisingly, the fights start off with a graceful dance. The dance is in honor of the boxers' teachers. There is even a small band which plays along with the dance and during the fight. So, who says tough guys don't dance?

  泰国拳不仅充满暴力, 而且还很血腥;然而它包含了舞蹈和音乐的艺术, 并同时兼备了丑陋和美丽。那就是为何观赏泰国拳会如此刺激的原因。
  泰国拳是五百多年前由军人创造的。拳击手会使用全身上下每一个部位, 特别是他们的脚、膝和肘来攻击他们的对手。他们致命的打法为他们博得其它武术家的尊敬。
  令人惊讶的是, 格斗以优雅的舞蹈揭开序幕。该舞是用来向拳击手的师父致敬。甚至还有一支小型乐队会在舞蹈和格斗进行时伴奏。所以, 谁说硬汉不跳舞?