Apartment for Rent in Nice Neighborhood|优质公寓出租

Apartment for Rent in Nice Neighborhood


Two-Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Nice Neighborhood

Ü Location:

- About ten-minute walk to Guting MRT station (Green line)

- About 20 ~ 30 minutes by MRT to Zhongxiao-Fuxing shopping area

Ü Key features:

- Air conditioning, sofa, coffee table, 1 queen-sized bed, stove

Ü Additional information:

- No. of tenants allowed: 2

- Maintenance fee: NT$1,085 per month

Ü Full description:

Located near Daan Park on Hoping East Road, this spacious, two-bedroom apartment is available on November 1. The apartment is 36 pings, and the larger of the two bedrooms includes a bathroom. It is ideal for two people, a small family, or an individual who likes a lot of space. The apartment is on the seventh floor with an elevator. The bedrooms and living room have air conditioners. The apartment comes partially furnished with a sofa and coffee table in the living room and a fairly new queen-sized bed in the main bedroom. The kitchen is equipped with a stove and a refrigerator.

The rent is NT$25,000 a month, but the utilities are not included. However, there is free scooter and car parking in the basement for tenants. A two-month security deposit and a one-year lease are required. If you are interested, please contact Molly Chan at 5555-7865 or mollyc@hothoo.com to arrange a viewing.



Ü 地点:

- 步行至捷运古亭站(绿线)约十分钟

- 搭乘捷运至忠孝复兴商圈约二十至三十分钟

Ü 主要特色:

- 冷气、沙发、咖啡桌、一张大号双人床、瓦斯炉

Ü 附加信息:

- 允许租屋人数:两人

- 管理费:新台币一仟零八十五元∕月

Ü 全面介绍:


租金每个月为新台币两万五仟元,但不含水电瓦斯费。不过,有提供住户免费的机车和汽车地下停车位。住户必须缴交两个月的押金和签订一年的租约。台端若有兴趣,请电洽 5555-7865 联系詹莫莉或寄电子邮件到 mollyc@hothoo.com 以安排看屋。



Apartment for Rent in Nice Neighborhood|优质公寓出租