Underwater Cycling Makes a Big Splash|水底飞轮造成大轰动

Underwater Cycling Makes a Big Splash

by Brian Foden

Another new fitness craze has hit the shores of America.

When it comes to the benefits of cycling, the Europeans are teaching the Americans a thing or two. First _(1)_ in Italy and then spreading to Spain, France, and some other parts of Europe, underwater cycling is now in the United States, specifically New York City. The concept of underwater cycling is simple yet _(2)_ as specially designed stationary bikes are placed in water a bit more than one meter in depth in a pool. The water resistance provides cyclists _(3)_ a tougher workout than one done on land, and the water has other advantages, too. This is not surprising since an Italian physiotherapist created the activity as a method to provide physical _(4)_ to injured athletes. Since the water supports a person's body weight, there is less _(5)_ on the joints. Also, the water resistance provides a deep massage for muscles, and the exercise burns cellulite and gets rid of toxins and calories very efficiently.

Aqua cycling was brought to New York City by a former French fashion photographer named Esther Gauthier. After learning about the exercise craze when she was visiting France a few years ago, Gauthier decided it would be a good idea to _(6)_ it to America. Her studio offers 45-minute classes in _(7)_ participants work out using various positions on and behind the stationary bikes to improve their fitness. Considering the popularity of underwater cycling in Europe, it shouldn't be too long before the idea spreads to the rest of America and around the globe.

1. (A) develop (B) developed (C) developing (D) develops

2. (A) effective (B) accidental (C) miserable (D) suspicious

3. (A) into (B) over (C) with (D) about

4. (A) trend (B) confusion (C) therapy (D) jealousy

5. (A) obedience (B) maturity (C) pursuit (D) stress

6. (A) introduce (B) resolve (C) terrify (D) inform

7. (A) whom (B) which (C) that (D) whose






答案: 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. D

6. A 7. B




Underwater Cycling Makes a Big Splash|水底飞轮造成大轰动