Suicides Hit All-Time High in Singapore in 2012

Suicides Hit All-Time High in Singapore in 2012

Suicides in Singapore hit an all-time high of 487 in 2012 as more young people bogged down by stress and relationship woes took their own lives. The tally, a 29 percent increase from the 2011 total, was boosted by an 80 percent rise in the 20 to 29 age bracket, according to the charity group, the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

"Common problems presented by this group of people involved stressful life events and interpersonal relationship issues," said SOS, which aims to prevent suicides by providing emotional support through private counseling and a 24-hour telephone hotline. "These include unemployment, stress with studies or work, financial worries, family life, struggles with social interactions, and feelings of loneliness."

Christine Wong, executive director of SOS, said young people under stress tend to hide their pain because they don't know how or who to approach for help. "People around them may not be aware of their distress and are hence unable to provide the support needed," Wong said. She added that the community should play an important role in destigmatizing suicide by encouraging those under stress to talk about their struggles and suicidal feelings.

The World Health Organization said one million people around the world commit suicide every year, accounting for more deaths than wars and murders put together. The number of suicide attempts is five times higher, with five percent of the people in the world having tried to kill themselves at least once during their lifetime.


新加坡 2012 年自杀人数创历史新高

新加坡在 2012 年的自杀人数创下了历史新高的四百八十七人,愈来愈多的年轻人因压力及感情困扰,因此走上自杀一途。根据慈善团体新加坡援人协会表示,这个数字比 2011 年整年的自杀人数增加了百分之二十九,因为二十到二十九岁这个年龄层的自杀人数增加了百分之八十。








Suicides Hit All-Time High in Singapore in 2012