Morgan's Wonderland(b)|摩根仙境乐园

Morgan's Wonderland offers everything a family could ever want, whether it is getting up close to animals, playing sports, or doing charity events. Although the park was created with special needs families in mind, the goal was really to bring people from all walks of life together in a place that made it easy for them to play, become friends, and experience amazing new things.

There are so many events happening at Morgan's Wonderland that ticket packages are guaranteed not to be wasted. In March, they hold an annual golf tournament which raises money for Project Angel Fares, a division of Morgan's Wonderland that helps families outside San Antonio have the means to visit the park by paying for their transportation, hotel stays, and other expenses. Concerts are also held regularly, either during the day or at night, depending on the theme. Other events include charity walks, zoo days, and special events for parents looking for advice from each other or looking to get pampered. They have even had poetry classes that focus on helping kids and parents express themselves through writing.

You don't need to join one of these particular events to have fun, however, as every day Morgan's Wonderland offers a wide variety of gratification. In the Sensory Village, visitors can watch interactive movies, ride horses, make music, fix cars in the Fix-It Shop, and even pretend to be a weather forecaster on TV. Rides include a 1930s-style train that takes visitors around the park's eight-acre lake, off-road vehicles, and a one-of-a-kind carousel that allows even those in wheelchairs to go up and down to the music. That's only a small taste of what's offered there! It's easy to see why Morgan's Wonderland isn't just an amusement park, but rather a dream come true for all families with special needs.

    1.     What is the article mainly about?

(A) The creation of and attractions at an amusement park for special needs families.

(B) How to create and design an amusement park on a small budget.

(C) How playing is important for children with special needs.

(D) The best parks in the US for children with special needs.

    2.     What inspired Hartman to create Morgan's Wonderland?

(A) His daughter's dying wish to visit an amusement park.

(B) His daughter being bullied at an amusement park.

(C) Seeing his daughter with special needs having trouble playing with other children.

(D) Parents seeking his advice for their special needs children.

    3.     What is Project Angel Fares?

(A) A group that invites families with special needs children to play together.

(B) A charity event that teaches children with special needs how to play golf.

(C) A project that is trying to get more amusement parks for children with special needs built.

(D) A program that covers the expenses of special needs families planning on visiting Morgan's Wonderland.

答案:    A   C   D



Morgan's Wonderland(b)|摩根仙境乐园