Going to the Dogs(a)|宠物的幸福生活

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The author Xin Dai, who loves cats to the point where the term addiction might not be excessive, treats her cats as if they were her children, but she also sees them as teachers from whom she can learn. Chen Qian-ru, who works in advertising, once fell down and injured herself at home, and her dog spent the whole day pacing around anxiously, which she found very touching. The love between pets and their owners makes people willing to spend exorbitant sums of money on their charges and to become servants who delight in fixing meals for their animals and cleaning up after them.

The pet industry in Taiwan has been growing rapidly and has now reached the stage of steady and mature development, with an estimated value of some NT$20 billion. Since the daddies and mommies of Taiwan's 1.27 million domestic dogs and 280,000 domestic cats are paying more attention than ever to the health and happiness of their little ones, opening their wallets and purses is not a big deal.

Sunny Dog, located on Xiwan Road in Xizhi, New Taipei City, advertises itself as a pet paradise like no other. Located in a sprawling compound surrounding an abandoned concrete fishing pond that has been turned into a huge doggie pool, Sunny Dog is now a pet sports park that is complete with a pet restaurant and is well-known in the animal-lover community in Taiwan. On weekends and holidays, if the weather is good, you will see 40 or 50 dog owners bringing their canines, often large breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, for a swim and a romp.







Going to the Dogs(a)|宠物的幸福生活